Red tart cherries


Also known as Montmorency cherries, we grow these close to home in Oregon's Willamette Valley near the small town of Yamhill. We have harvested tart cherries mechanically since 1967, and were the first cherry grower in the nation to harvest with Kilby machine harvesters. 

Harvest and processing are typically in mid to late July. Fruit is available for purchase shortly after. 

Available Processing Styles

  • Punch & Elliott-pitted
  • Diced or Sliced
  • IQF, 5 + 1 (with sugar) or straight pack
  • Frozen in pails, drums or cartons
  • Puree, 0.045”, single-strength, non-pasteurized - frozen in pails or drums.
  • Juice and puree-stock - frozen in drums.